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Aubergine, red pepper and sesame seed bao buns

I bought the vegan one pound meals cookbook the other day by Miguel Barclay and he has a recipe for aubergine bao buns which I thought I’d try as I had an aubergine to use up. He makes the actual buns from scratch but I had some frozen ready-made ones that I bought a while ago from m&s that needed eating up before they went out of date,so I just used the recipe for the filling.

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aubergine, red pepper and sesame seed bao buns 🍆 #vegan

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The recipe starts off with frying sliced aubergine. I also had half a courgette that needed using up so I chucked that in too. Also my partner actually doesn’t like aubergine or courgette so I thought I should put something else in too that he would like more - I went for a red pepper! (slice it up too) After cooking down the veg for a bit I added some crushed garlic, maple syrup and soy sauce. For the frozen bao buns, I steamed them using a colander over a pan of boiling water for about 10 mins as I don’t have a microwave. When they were cooked I filled up the buns with the filling and sprinkled with sesame seeds. They were supposed to have spring onions on top too but I forgot to buy any :-(.

Overall they were really yummy and super quick to do. I wonder if I added a bit too much maple syrup by accident though because they were quite sweet! The recipe actually uses golden syrup so I wonder if that flavour works slightly better? Definitely will be doing this meal again, next time I was to actually make the bao buns too!