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Homemade Granola

I tried making some granola the other day because we ran out and I wondered, as I was throwing away the plastic packaging it came, how to reduce packaging consumption! So I thought I’d try making my own using advice from this article on epicurius.com. 🌰🥜🌾

The main rule I followed whilst making this was to use 6 parts dry ingredients to one part wet. I used half a cup as my measure of one part.

In my dry ingredients I used:

  • 3 parts porridge oats
  • two parts mixed nuts
  • one part mixed seeds

I mixed all the dry ingredients in a bowl with olive oil and maple syrup (both made up one part). Then I scattered it over a baking tray, sprinkled a couple of pinches salt over the top and baked it in the oven for 30 mins. When it was done, I let it cool completely before putting it in a jar.

Given how easy and fun it was to make, it tasted soooo good. I will definitely be making it again.

The only way to make this granola 100% zero-waste is by using ingredients without packaging. Olive oil and maple syrup can come in glass bottles which I assume can be reused or recycled more easily than plastic? I am yet to find places that do refills of these ingredients! The nuts and porridge oats and seeds all came in packaging because I am using them up. But I have already located a couple of places that do refills of these ingredients (Holland and Barrett and a farm shop) so in the future I hopefully can make this with zero-waste.