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Rhubarb & Rubber Plants

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Courgette, tomato and butter bean pasta

One of my favourite pasta recipes! Made this one up myself. šŸ…


  • olive oil
  • 1 or 2 courgettes
  • couple of handfuls of fresh cherry tomatoes
  • 1 onion
  • dried thyme
  • wholewheat pasta
  • 1 can of butterbeans
  • vegetarian hard cheese
  • few tablespoons of pinenuts
  • few sprigs of basil

I heated some olive oil in a pan, then added the onion and courgettes after chopping them up. I also added a sprinkle of dried thyme. Then I added the cherry tomatoes which Iā€™d cut into halves. When the veg started to cook down I put the pasta on and toasted some pinenuts in a pan. I also drained the butterbeans and added these to the veg. When the pasta was cooked I drained it and added it to the courgette + bean mix. Finally I served it with a grating of veggie hard cheese, the pinenuts and some torn up basil leaves.