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Rhubarb & Rubber Plants

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DIY coffee scrub

Thought I’d try making a body scrub made out of used coffee grounds. I drink coffee quite a few times a day often using instant but occasionally I like to make myself one with freshly ground beans and an aeropress! I saw a post on instagram about reusing coffee grounds for a coffee srub so thought I’d give it a try. I used to buy body scrubs a lot and they can be really expensive, but doing it this way is cheap as I would be throwing away the the main ingredient (in the food waste) so essentially it’s free!

Basically I mixed together some coffee grounds (that I let dry off for a day after using) with a couple of dessert spoons of coconut oil and sugar. Then I put the scrub into a jar! Will let you know whether it works well.

Update: I’ve used it quite a few times and it actually works well as a scrub! It’s quite a rough one though so think I will add more coconut oil and sugar next time I make it. Also it goes mouldy after a couple of months so don’t make too much it unless you know you’re going to use it all up. :-)