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Homemade Kefir

I love kefir, but since going vegan I’ve found that its not easy to get hold of a dairy-free one. Although kefir is often made from milk, kefir can be made from other drinks such as juice or even water.

I got a mad millie kefir making kit from lakeland a while ago which comes with a jar, a cheesecloth, 2 sachets of dried kefir starter grains and a metal wire ball for mixing up the kefir. I used one sachet up ages ago to make milk kefir, so I thought I’d try making some dairy-free kefir from oat milk with the remaining sachet I had. (I’m not sure if the sachet is 100% dairy free but thought I should use it up instead of throw it away!)


  • Mix one sachet with a litre of milk in the jar by shaking it with the wire ball.
  • Then leave it out to ferment at room temperature for around 24 hrs. This may take longer if it’s cold or shorter if its warm.
  • You can tell if the kefir is made because it will taste slightly sour. The keep it in the fridge for up to two weeks.

To make more kefir from a previous batch: add 1/4 cup of kefir to 1L of milk and repeat the fermentation process.

Once your kefir is ready you can drink it as it is or you can add flavourings to it. I really like mixing in a some honey and turmeric - (using a frother works really well). I also like to have dairy-free kefir on cereal, it’s a lot more runny that milk kefir.

From what I’ve read online, I think once you have the culture going, it lasts for ever i.e. you can keep using it to make more kefir (as long as it doesn’t go off), although the mad millie kit says to only use a sachet for two batches of kefir! Not sure what to believe!