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Butternut squash and carrot balti pie with olive oil pastry

I was inspired with two different recipes for this meal: The ‘balti pie’ recipe in the MOB veggie cookbook and Izzy Hossak’s ‘olive oil pastry’ from ‘The Savvy Cook’. 🥕

The balti filling was made from butternut squash, carrot, onion and tinned tomatoes + was spiced with garram masala, ginger, mango chutney, curry powder and cinnamon. This combination of spices worked really well!

The balti pie recipe used puff pastry which you can buy ready-made, but I fancied making some. I used the olive oil pastry recipe because it was really easy and quick to do + just used flour, salt, oil and water, so is actually vegan! It comes out a bit thicker and dryer than puff pastry so I only did a lid for the pie.

The pie was delicious and I made loads of filling so I had leftovers for the freezer. Would recommend both recipes!! One thing I realised half way through eating it was that I forgot to put yoghurt in the filling! Would have been nice with yoghurt but also really nice without.