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Homemade falafel, hummus and flatbreads

I made homemade pea falafel, hummus and wholemeal flatbreads!

For the pea falafel, I followed the recipe from MOB veggie recipe book. For the hummus and flatbreads I used the ‘best basic hummus’ and ‘Navajo flatbreads’ recipes on Jamie Oliver’s website.

I served the hummus, falfel and flatbreads with:

  • salad (gem lettuce, courgette ribbons + tomatoes)
  • carrot and cucumber pieces
  • some baked halloumi that needed eating
  • yoghurt with sumac sprinkled over the top

Overall I would say the hummus and flatbreads came out really well and were delicious! The falafel was also yummy but it came out more like deep fried pea crumbs than deep fried falafel patties! This might be because I used frozen peas instead of fresh ones - I defrosted them with some boiling water and maybe this made them too wet so they separated in the frying oil.