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Preserved lemons

There are a lot of middle eastern/Moroccan vegan/vegetarian recipes I’ve been wanting to try that use preserved lemons, so I thought I’d try doing some of my own. I used the recipe on BBC goodfood for guidance. 🍋

  • First I washed up a jar and sterilised it in the oven.
  • I cut three lemons up each into 8 segments.
  • Once the jar was cool I sprinkled some coarse sea salt into it then pushed some lemons into it adding more salt on top.
  • I repeated this until the jar was full, sticking in a couple of dried chillis and a bay leaf for flavour on the way.
  • I really crammed in as much as possible into the jar, apparently there shouldn’t be any air bubbles it!
  • Finally I put the lid on and placed the jar in a cool cupboard away from light.

I’m not sure how long they should be left in there. Some recipes say 1 month and some say three. I’ll keep an eye on them and let you know whether it worked!