Rhubarb & Rubber Plants

Rhubarb & Rubber Plants

My Zero-Waste Journey

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Things I've bought recently from lakeland, m&s and zero-waste stall 'twin larder'

Last Tuesday I came across a zero-waste stall called ‘Twin Larder’ at my local farmer’s market. They sold bulk washing-up liquid, shampoo, hand soap + vinegar. It was the first time I’ve seen anywhere local to me selling refills! They also sell also other products like natural skincare/toiletries in reusable or paper packaging, beeswax paper, metal lunchboxes, produce bags etc.

I bought some vinegar and bicarbinate of soda for cleaning, a wooden spork, mesh produce bags and some reusable cotton pads.

*I bought the vinegar and bicarb are so I can start making my own cleaning products in reusable containers; apparently these two ingredients are essential according to various recipes I’ve seen over the internet.
*I bought the mesh produce bags, partly because they look so nice, but also so I can buy fruit/veg/grains without needing disposable packaging although its difficult to find places that sell bulk foods or plastic-free groceries! *The spork I didn’t need to buy but it was cute so I couldn’t resist it. *The reusable cotton pads are for taking makeup off without producing waste! They’re machine washable, so I can just wash them between uses instead of throwing them away. I hadn’t even thought of the amount of waste I was producing just through taking my makeup off everyday. I didn’t think disposable cotton pads were that bad for the environment. I guess it’s not that they can’t ever bio-degrade, it’s just better to avoid having any waste in the first place.

Overall, I thought twin larder was great and gave me a starting point for becoming more sustainable. I wish there were permanent shops that sold similar things local to me!

It turns out that Lakeland actually stock a few eco-friendly products. I bought some ‘if you care’ sponge cloths and some eco-friendly microfibre cloths for cleaning which don’t contain any plastic. These are reusable and are machine washable, so I’m hoping it will cut down on the amount of plastic dish cloths I throw away.

I also bought a kefir kit for some fun and a couple of kilner jars for food storage. I’m hoping to make my own kefir instead of buying it in a plastic bottle. Apparently you can also make cheese out of kefir!

The keep-cup was from m&s so I can get takeaway coffees without a disposable cup.

Will give you an update on how I get on using these products!