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My Zero-Waste Journey

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Zero-waste shopping heaven at 'For Earth's sake' in Cranleigh

I was pretty excited when I went to a zero-waste shop called ‘For Earth’s sake’ in Cranleigh the other day. There aren’t any zero-waste shops near to me that do such a big range of items. ‘For Earth’s sake’ did everything from refills of cleaning products and toiletries, to spice refills, to cereal, grains and pulses refills! They also did a lot of other plastic-free products such as jarred foods, local groceries without plastic packaging and soaps! They even had a refill station for milk.

Whilst I was there, thought I’d stock up on a few store-cupboard foods. I got dried butter beans, dried kidney beans, brown rice, mixed seeds, orzo, pasta, chickpeas, eggs (from a high animal welfare farm) and a veggie scotch egg (from the same farm). For the beans, rice, pasta and chickpeas I got about 500g of each and I got about 300g of the mixed seeds. It all came to about £16 which seemed pretty good for organic produce! Often buying plastic-free food can be more expensive than the same thing in plastic, but this shop had prices that were very reasonable so I didn’t feel like I was paying any more.

I didn’t take any containers to fill up so I had to use their paper bags. Will definitely bring containers next time!

It would be so much easier to avoid plastic if more zero-waste shops like this were around.

Overall would definitely recommend dropping by to this shop if you’re ever passing through Cranleigh and need a few store cupboard items or groceries!